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They helped to manage my accounts for me. Their program gave me the peace of mind knowing they were making payments for me.
- Quentin Draper

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Our Debt Relief Solutions-Why Debt Burst?

Debt Relief

Debt Burst has helped thousands of people solve their debt issues and get on the road to financial stability. We give you the freedom to make more choices and enjoy your life to the fullest. Our debt relief programs arm you with the tools and resources to take control and manage your finances.

No one debt relief program is good for everyone. Therefore, each one of our debt relief programs is customized to fit our customer's needs, which means we work hard to get you what you need not what doesn't make sense. We make sure our debt relief solutions support you and your loved ones so that you can continue to enjoy the fruits of life stress-free.

Debt Burst is one of the few that not only offers debt management and debt settlement programs but we also offer consumer benefits plans. Consumer benefits are deep and frequently used discounts on major brands products and services. This program saves you money on groceries, travel, auto services, and gives you the option to sign-up for discount medical and dental services. By signing up with us, we teach and give you the tools to save and expand your money.

Empower You!

We arm you with the tools and education to take an active and assertive role in managing your debt and finances that will significantly improve your future.

We want to maximize members' hard-earned dollars through consumer discounts and special travel and leisure offers. We offer an array of free education seminars, one-on-one training and valuable financial materials to assist you in making wise financial decisions and plans.

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Certified Specialist Ready to Assist YOU!

Our debt relief specialists are the experts to finding and customizing a program that fits your debt needs. We pride ourselves in hiring and training the best so training begins the first day of hire and after one month they are certified by:

  • Completed the following coursework
    • Planning and Protecting Your Financial Future Course
    • Your credit and Do it Yourself and Save Course
    • The Credit Game Course
    • Personal Credit Power Course
  • Pass an exam with minimum of 75% to pass.
  • Earn their degree as a certified credit counselor
  • Counselors Certification Training
  • Complete ISO 9001:2008 training
  • Partners with Global Client Solutions

Our average senior debt relief specialist has over 5 years of experience and with combined experience, we have settled over 1000 cases. We take pride in being advocates for members and providing them valuable and trustworthy service-every step of the way.

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Outstanding and friendly Customer Service You Can Trust

Our goal is to provide our customers with superior customer service. We strive to satisfy all your financial needs and provide you with debt relief solutions, while educating you on how to how to live a debt-free and financial stable life. We adhere to strict customer service and regulatory guidelines when dealing with your finances and privacy. Our surveys show that our customers rate us at an A+ for our customer satisfaction, and we retain over 95% of our clients. Our customers gladly refer us to their friends and family due to our exceptional services, professional demeanor and ability to customize plans that meet and exceed their needs.

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Protect your Privacy

Use a honest and ethnical approach where we protect your privacy at all costs. We understand the need to connect and trust someone with your debt relief needs so that is why you will always have your own personalized debt relief consultant to call if you have questions.

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Powerful and Influential Industry Relationships

Through our established and influential relationships in the credit industry and major lending institutes, we can negotiate and set-up plans to reduce your debt at exceptional rates and payment plans. It is these relationships that enable us to get many of your fees and surcharges waived. They value our services and work with us to keep our customers happy in order to offer the best debt relief programs. We work with top lenders such as Citibank, Bank of America, Discover, AMEX, Capitol One, VISA, Wells Fargo, Chase,

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The Numbers Say it All…

  • A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Settled over $1 million dollars of debt over the past three years
  • Helped over 40,000 people
  • All counselors have 8 years of experience
  • Strong relationships with over 10,000 creditors to give you the best options
  • Reduced average spending by 40%
  • Average a 95% customer retention rate
  • Received over 1000 referrals from our existing customers
  • Maintain key partnerships with the Housing Opportunity Center, Housing Authorities Ltd, ISO 9001:200 and BBB
  • Participate in various charitable events providing free advice and education

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